We help you rediscover yourself and lead you to the life of permanent sobriety.

At Dual Diagnosis Treatment center, our mission is to help you win back your lost confidence and determination to live life free of your addiction to alcohol. We ensure this by providing you with potent medication at regular intervals during your stay in a controlled environment until you are free of toxins.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and complete recovery support, our detoxification center provides you with essential love and care during your transition from being an addict to becoming a normal, sober and optimistic individual.

At Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center, you can expect a calming, caring and relaxing environment, along with all modern-day amenities including plasma TV, video games, phones and free Wi-Fi. We believe that this is vital to your success, as recovery can be a long and difficult process without the availability of basic essentials.

What Makes Us Different from Other Detox Centers?

We are a detox center specializing in painless and comfortable detoxification of patients, with no withdrawals or sick feelings. Additionally, you have the luxury of enjoying a free lifestyle, indulging in the activities you want to or taking rest as much as you want to.

Typically, your daily routine includes yoga and meditation in the morning before heading to the breakfast table, strong liquid narcotic cocktail in reducing doses every four hours, delicious gourmet lunch and counseling with an expert.

Aside from this, you have the freedom and flexibility to design your own stay with us. Other facilities include manicures, pedicures and facial and deep tissue messages. In addition, individual and group therapy sessions run throughout the day to keep you engaged and make you feel more determined to lead an addiction-free life.

Holistic Therapeutic Treatment Model

We are one of the leading dual diagnosis treatment facilities in Florida serving our patients with a holistic therapeutic treatment model. For your true and complete peace, we focus on your physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual well being. Our detox medication helps you make your body free of harmful toxins; whereas individual and group sessions at our facility help you become more determined to live a healthy and sober life. You can share your problems with our loving and caring staff, without the fear of being judged.

We understand the need of a comprehensive treatment that can free you not only from toxins, but can also help in achieving mental stability. Your stay with us can be as short as a week of pampering or a long as a year of complete detoxification and rehabilitation depending upon the severity of your addiction.

Acceptance is the First Step towards Recovery!

We strongly believe that acceptance of the problem is the first step towards recovery. We don’t want you to live in a state of denial; rather we help you accept that you’re suffering. At the same time, we let you know that help is within your reach and you can be treated. We make you believe that you can overcome your addiction without relapsing after the treatment to become even more debilitating towards your addiction.

Should you need know more, please get in touch with one of our addiction specialists.