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center-detoxOften addiction and serious psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder or other similar problems go hand in hand. When a mental illness is couple with addiction or drug misuse, it is called dual diagnosis. It becomes difficult to understand which problem occurs first – whether the addiction to drug/alcohol has resulted in mental health issue or anxiety has led to alcoholism or drug abuse.

Whatever is the reason but such an affliction not only affects the addicts but also their family, friends and co-workers. The worst part is that even when they realize that they are suffering and their addiction is causing problem, they feel helpless and are unable to get rid of it.

We Are There to Help

roomIf you or your loved one is struggling with dual diagnosis, the only way out is to seek expert’s assistance and effectively treat both the addiction and underlying psychiatric disorder.

Our dual diagnosis treatment center that specializes in helping the addicts start their journey of recovery in a comfortable and serene setting. We try to be as gentle and soft possible during our drug/alcohol detoxification program. We keep our patients’ dignity intact by not blaming them for becoming an addict; instead we try to comfort them and make them feel good by appreciating their effort to make their life better.

At our treatment facility, we allow you to be “yourself” without the fear of being judged. We provide you with an array of amenities and activities to help you remain as comfortable as possible. “Site 1” gives you complete freedom to go through the dual diagnosis treatment process the way you want to.

We Treat You – “The Whole Person”

We follow a holistic addiction treatment approach which means we don’t believe in treating only your addiction but we treat you – “the whole person”. Our staff members carefully analyze your current situation. The treatment starts only when you trust the counselor and are able to relate to him or her. We ensure to keep the ratio of patient to counselor as low as possible in order to give you personalized assistance meeting your individual needs.

Our dual diagnosis treatment center is a beautiful place away from usual noisy and annoying environment. At “site 1”, we understand that you need peace, rest and refreshment away from stressed and fast-paced life and provide you with a pleasant environment to start your journey towards a better life.

We follow a four-step therapeutic model – physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. We offer you excellent dual diagnosis treatment facilities ensuring your complete well being. Typically our emphasis is on helping you set your own schedule and lead a sober life. Our team including physicians, nutritionists, trainers and psychiatrists are ready to work with you in the way you want to.

Call us today should you require any assistance. Our addiction specialist will get in contact with you.

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